Core Radiators
Radiator Core

Our company has the requisite facilities to fabricate radiator cores.
These are manufactured by using premium quality tubes that are made of copper and brass.
Coated both internally and externally, these are rust resistant and durable.
The no of tubes used depends on the pitch of the tube.


Number of tubes used in each radiator:
Having various tubes pitch of 10m/m,1 2m/m
Tube size: 13.6*2.5mm
Number of rows and columns of tube in each radiator:
Depends on the requirement of ra diator
Cooling efficiency of each radiator:
Requirement ranges from 10 FPI to 20 FPI.
Our system: 
Corrugated fin radiator from 10 FPI to 20 FPI
 Welded tube radiator 13,6 * 2,5mm
Flat fin radiator from 3-8 rows
 Header plates for plastic tanks radiators
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