Company Profile

Radiators automotive industry GLMS Radiator Industries Ltd was founded in 1980 with exclusive specialization in the field of manufacturing and production of radiators made of aluminum and copper for cars, trucks, tractors, industrial vehicles and more.

Highly specialized in the manufacturing of cell sector and the complete product line up for European and Japanese cars, the company managed, to export radiators in several countries in Europe and the Middle East. This was achieved with the quality, available capacity production, security, affordability and strict quality control required.GLMS Radiator Industries Ltd with a highly trained staff and an experienced technical team has the ability and capacity to deliver and produce more than 3000 models of motor vehicles radiators.

The services and manufacturing facilities are based on standards required by the global methodology for each model of car radiators.

GLMS Radiator Industries Ltd is equipped with all modern machinery for the manufacture of radiators. This new technology increases the density of the fins of radiators, not only to reduce the size of the product but to improve the efficiency (heat-exchange) up to 15-20%.

We appreciate the mutual respect, trust and cooperation we have established with our customers as our ultimate goal is to service with quality products.


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